2021 seminar series: The Academic Value, Development, and Influence of Art and Design in Higher Education

2021-08-14 19:36:58 Congratulations to the Chinese American Art Faculty Association (CAAFA) for hosting the successful 2021 seminar series 1, which took place on May 28, 2021, from 3:00-4:30 pm (US Eastern Standard Time). The theme of this event is: the Academic Value, Development, and Influence of Art and Design in Higher Education, organized by the Executive Committee members of CAAFA. The keynote speaker was Professor Wei Dong, the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of the University of Wisconsin, in the Madison Campus. He shared his years of experience, analysis, and research on the academic value system of art and design from academic theories, creative practice, and achievement demonstration. The lectures are rich in content and wonderful in format. Afterwards, Professor Zhimin Guan and Professor Yeqiang Wang, who are also both members of the association, Shared their valuable artistic creation and academic development experience as well. In addition, the CAAFA Chairman Professor Zhiyuan Cong, Executive Committee Professor Lawrence Tzuchi Yun, and Member Professor Yifei Gan have also spoken in response to the questions from the Executive Committee member Professor Snow Yunxue Fu and others. The two and a half hour long online activity was full of great contents and good discussions, and it was concluded in a very pleasant atmosphere. All attendees are looking forward to the next event information of the association. 
恭喜全美华人美术教授协会(CAAFA)举办的2021年研讨会工作坊系列 1于2021年5月28日 下午3:00-4:30 (美国东部时间)圆满举办成功!此次活动的主题是:艺术与设计在高等教育中的学术形式,价值,发展和影响力 。由全美华人美术教授协会执委会主办。主讲人美国威斯康星大学麦迪逊校园维拉斯杰出成就讲席教授董伟教授,从学术理论,创作实践和成就论证等方面分享了他对艺术和设计学术价值体系长年的体验,分析和研究.讲座内容丰富,形式精彩。同时协会的成员关智民教授和汪叶强教授也分享了他们宝贵的艺术创作和学术发展经验。同时协会董事会主席主席丛志远教授,执委会惲子奇教授,以及协会董事会成成员甘一飞教授等共同针对会员们的提问,认真热情地分享和解答了傅韵雪教授等会员们的提问。大家在非常愉快的气氛下结束了这次内容丰富近两个半小时的线上活动。所有与会者共同期待着下一次协会的活动信息。