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NOVEMBER 23, 2019 - JANUARY 10, 2020

The New York Gallery of Chinese Art

UNBOUNDED EXTENSION exhibition introduction

This exhibition showcases the installations and new media works of eight Chinese-American women art professors. Founded on their deep Chinese cultural heritage, inspired by the cross-cultural personal experience, and driven by the will of transcending oneself, gender, national boundaries, traditions, time, and space, the professors explore and use a variety of techniques to present rich, humanistic

thoughts and new and old media. Leah L. Wong and Yida Wang’s works start from basic art forms and concepts, and experiment with the treatment of time and space in the Chinese tradition of landscape painting to reach new visual experiences and meanings. Guoqing Heaton expresses

abstract forms and philosophical ideas with ancient lacquer art, pursuing an aesthetic experience between abstraction and figuration. Qin Liu’s work is more sensitive; using eggshells, human hair, and acupuncture needles that stimulate nerves to explore life and other issues related to humanity. Starting from personal experience, Qin Han explores global migration with her animated installation works, full

of personal nostalgia as well as a persistent human condition. Xia Gao’s work directly targets the ongoing refugee situation caused by wars and allows the audience to interact with the work in order to feel the sense of human disaster. Qian Li expresses the human psychological state as in dreams through video. Her memories of past political unrest are brought up in a picture of abstract chaos,

implying the human subconscious. Snow Yunxue Fu’s works use digital technology to interpret new scientific discoveries in astronomy to guide the audience to understand our solar system through animated artistic images, which trigger people’s attention to the larger universe and a new understanding of the relationship between heaven, earth, and human beings. These artists demonstrate the unique delicacy, sensibility, and persistent spirit of their gender; but their works far exceed the subjects and techniques that traditional women pay attention to. May their exhibition be a success!

- ZHANG HE Professor of Art History, William Paterson University

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