Online symposium Not A Trend but A Reality on virtual teaching’s challenges and strategies

2020-07-23 15:32:30

Organizer: Chinese American Art Faculty Association (CAAFA) Executive Committee

Online Symposium


 Virtual Teaching - Challenges & Strategies

August 6th (Thursday)

3:00-5:00pm EST

Registration by/before July 30, 2020


We know experiences change us as individuals and as societies. For many of us the pandemic has upended careful plans, dreams and the basics of day-to-day life. Our routines from social interactions to pedagogical approaches are suddenly facing readjustments. These new experiences require us to navigate in ways we never thought possible. For some the changes raise questions about what is possible or appropriate.

Based on response and feedback received, CAAFA is hosting an online symposium Not A Trend but A Reality on virtual teaching’s challenges and strategies. This symposium will provide a communicative opportunity for every CAAFA member to join in for open discussions on this current important situation. It is to focus on themes specifically affecting art and design faculty members as educators, artists and caring people—confronting topics exposed by the COVID pandemic. 

After initial review the submission process, the Committee will select and determine the order of members’ presentations. For fairness that everyone has a chance presenting his/her idea, each participant is invited to share 5-6 minutes of personal perspective on 1 of the 3 following topics:

1.     Learning Environment

Techniques to create an effective online learning atmosphere for your students’ participation. The methods, tools and approaches to foster an environment you find most valuable for your students to engage in during online class activities.


2.     Content Delivery

Efficient delivery of course content in a synchronous, asynchronous or hybrid teaching mode. Modifications or adaptations that are necessary in order to retain the same academic integrity and rigor in your teaching.


3.     Student Assessment

Grading and assessing students’ learning outcomes and progress during virtual teaching.

New and different considerations to evaluating student accomplishment in this virtual learning platform with its many limitations.  

Symposium Certificate & Registration

The Chinese American Art Faculty Association (CAAFA) Executive Committee will provide an official certificate letter to all the presenters. CAAFA will also distribute meeting agenda, participant list and Zoom ID information 3 days prior to the online symposium. This event is free to all members.


Symposium registration for the online Zoom event is required in advance. For official documentation purpose, please complete the registration form below (download this Word document to your desktop, make edits in the blanks and then save it).


Please send your newly completed Word document with registration information to (Lawrence T. Yun) by/before July 30, 2020 with an email subject line: CAAFA Online Symposium 2020.



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