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Article Submission Requirements

The submitted article should contain both writing and images
1. Please put all images (JPG) and writing (Word file) in a folder
2. Name the folder as your full name
3. Compress the folder as a ZIP file

Writing Requirements
* Word file
* No more than 3000 words
* Prefer written in Chinese
* Please add the photos in the word document
* Please include your Chinese and English name, university and current job title

Image Requirements
* JPG files only (up to 7 images)
* 300 dpi - no bigger than 2550 (width) x3300 (height) pixels
* RGB color mode

OPTIONAL: If you like to submit a designed page for editorial design reference, please submit a PDF files at 8.5 x 11” ,Max 5 page, created with InDesign. Margins Top, Bottom, inside and outside 0.7”. Columns Number 2, Gutter: 0.1667”

Please contact the Executive Committee member if you have any question

Thank you!

CAAFA 通讯投稿要求


1. 请把所有图像(JPG)和文字(Word文件)放在一个文件夹中
2. 请将您的名字作为文件夹名
3. 压缩文件夹为ZIP




* 仅JPG文件(最多7张图像)
* 300 dpi-不大于2550(宽) x3300(高)像素
* RGB色彩模式

如果您希望提交已设计好的版面作为设计参考,请以8.5 x 11英寸(最多5页)的格式提交PDF文件,并以InDesign创建。顶部,底部,内部和外部边距均为0.7英寸。第2栏,Gutter: 0.1667英寸

如有任何疑问,请联系执行委员会成员, 谢谢!