Chung-Fan Chang

Chung-Fan Chang 張宗帆

Assistant Professor
Department of Art
Jackson State University

生于台湾台北,张宗帆于国立台北艺术大学取得创作学士,并于美国莎凡那艺术设计学院取得油画创作硕士。作品《风筝系列》探讨抽象风景,其色彩反应来自社会现象和生活经验的美感 ,而抽象的视觉结构则融合了中国传统山水语言和强烈的几何色面所呈现的不协调与冲突的观赏经验。装置作品承平面创作,以简单的媒材反思时间和空间所带来的诗意。目前任教于美国密西西比杰克逊州立大学美术系专任助理教授。张宗帆现居住、创作于台湾和美国两地。

标题"风筝"指的是在抽象山水环境中作为闯入者的萤光色域。入侵者质问萤光色和人造色彩是如何影响我们的视觉,以及这个影响何以是社会生活中的矛盾的符号。通过发现和传达内在的美丽,我的作品反映了我所看到的世界,并标识出颜色的视觉隐喻及其在社会中的意义。抽象山水邀请观者提问和应答,它提出了关于人造颜色和闯入者的想法,并与自然中的颜色相纠结。这些颜色本身是令人迷恋而不安的,然而在视觉经验裡,它对观者彰显了要求和攻击的权利。中国水墨和哲学的影响,可以在每个抽象山水的构图中被发现。我研究色彩、形式和空间来挑战观众的舒适的视觉体验并使用冥想甚至富有诗意的方式来反应对历史的关注和色彩的社会连结 。

Chung-Fan Chang is a visual artist who explores and investigates in painting, works on paper and wall installation to communicate her vision of beauty that reflect issues within the society and daily life experience. Her Kite series of work identifies the visual metaphor of color and its significance in society. The neon color fields in Chang’s abstract landscapes serve as intruders to the surrounding.

These intruders cross-examine how fluorescent and artificial colors affect our vision and how that effect can be a signifier of conflict in society. Chang’s drawing, painting, and wall installations assemble historical concerns, social signifiers and meditative practice all into a singular voice.

Chang have exhibited her work in galleries and museums nationally and internationally, including the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Mississippi Museum of Art, and Lauren Rogers Museum of Art in Laurel, MS. Selected publications including Creative Lofting Atlanta, ArtsCriticATL, Art Nouveau Magazine, Art in Asia, Art Radar Journal, and Boom Jackson Magazine. In 2011, Chang was in the finalist of Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award. She received a grant as 2013-14 Visual Arts Fellow at Mississippi Arts Commission and was the recipient of ThinkTank 7 Emerging Educator Fellowship, Integrative Teaching International in Chicago.

Recently, Chang had an exhibition titled Next Kite, Next Weather at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and co-curated Horizon Realm: Contemporary Art from Taiwan, an international travel exhibition that was held in both Tenri Cultural Center in New York, NY and Dollye M.E. Robinson Gallery in Jackson, MS. Chang has obtained MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in the U.S., and BFA from Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan. She is currently Assistant Professor of Art at Jackson State University. Chang lives in Jackson, MS and Taipei, Taiwan.