Wen Fan 范文

School of Art
Texas Tech University


范文出生于中国杭州,1992年毕业于中国美术学院陶瓷专业;2007年获得南伊利诺大学陶瓷艺术硕士学位。曾从事书籍插图及报纸美术编辑工作,1998年赴美前任教于杭州工艺美术学校 。自2009年起,范文任教于费城艺术大学,目前她在德州理工大学美术学院担任兼职教师。多年来,范文活跃于世界陶瓷艺术领域。到目前为止,她的作品已在美国及中国多地30多次的个展和群展中展出。


Wen Fan was born and raised in China. She had worked as a newspaper art editor and a freelance illustrator before being admitted to China Academy of Art, where she majored in ceramics. Upon her graduation in 1992, Fan started teaching design foundation and ceramics in Hangzhou Art and Design School until she moved to the United States in 1998. In 2007, Wen Fan received her MFA degree in Ceramics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Since then, she has been an active member of the ceramic art society. Her exhibition record to date includes over thirty group and solo exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally in the U.S. and China. Wen Fan has taught ceramics at The University of The Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently she is an adjunct instructor at Texas Tech University.

Fan’s work is an investigation of ambiguity and the distinction between body and mind, as well as the conflict between the physical and the spiritual. She seeks to find balance between these inner tensions by expressing them through clay objects. The tactile beauty of natural and organic objects is always a source of her inspiration. The forms, textures, patterns and colors Fan encounters in her daily life constantly provide her with creative ideas. Through the investigation of these visual materials, Fan tries to redefine the everyday mundane through ceramic sculptural forms, as well as to free myself from the bondage of the ordinary life.