Ying Tan

Ying Tan 谭莹

Department of Art

University of Oregon

谭莹,1996年就职俄勒冈大学美术系教授,曾担任亚特兰大艺术学院电子艺术系主任和俄勒冈大学多媒体项目主任。谭莹的作品已在世界多处展出,包括哥伦比亚马尼萨莱斯国际影像节、意大利佩萨罗 XXX Fuori 影视装置艺术节、冰岛雷克雅未克视觉音乐节、西班牙马德里雷纳索非亚博物馆 Punto y Raya 动画节、德国德累斯顿2007数码网络艺术节、西班牙塞维尔2002电子艺术节、第46届澳大利亚悉尼电影节、德国柏林99跨媒体艺术节、巴西圣保罗电子艺术节、日本如梦百年电脑绘图1999大奖赛、德国施特拉尔松第三届国际短片节《图音之间》、SIGGRAPH动画节等。有关谭莹艺术作品的出版物包括瑞苏国际出版社以及泰晤士和哈德逊出版的《声音视角:现代音乐图形的探讨》、约翰利比出版社的《动画:艺术与产业》、2011年 Punto y Raya 动画节最佳品选、第25届西北影视节最佳品选等。


Ying Tan has been a professor in visual design and digital art at the University of Oregon since 1996. She also served as head of the Electronic Art Department at the Atlanta College of Art, and as director of the Multimedia Design program at the University of Oregon. Tan’s work has exhibited and screened both nationally and internationally, including venues such as the International Image Festival (Manizales, Colombia), XXX Fuori Festival (Pesaro, Italy), Punto y Raya Festival (Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain), CYNETart_07 (Dresden, Germany), Mediarama (Serville, Spain), 46th Sydney Film Festival (Australia), Transmediale (Berlin, Germany), Dream Centenary Computer Graphics Grand Prix (Japan), KINETICA at Cinematheque (Ontario, Canada), and The National Gallery of Art (Washington, DC). Publications that feature her work include: Seeing Sound: Experimentation in Contemporary Music Graphics (Rizzoli International and Thames and Hudson), Animation: Art and Industry (John Libbey), Punto y Raya Festival 2011 Best Short Film Selection (DVD), Best of 25th Northwest Film and Video Festival (VHS).

In the field of new media, Tan explore intersections between the artificial and organic, the timely and timeless. Her animation is often a visual sequence that responds to music subjectively and emotionally. Her video work evokes the state of pure consciousness. Landscape serves as a reference — the embodiment of both permanence and impermanence of all things. Tan is fascinated by water - ethereal and ever changing. The path of a raindrop, the rising and receding tides, rhythms of nature, and flow of time become art forms in one with my own existence.