Governance Structure

Member of the Association

The members are primarily US and Canada based visual art professors of Chinese origin, including visiting scholars and guest professors. All members have the equal rights and opportunities to participate in the discussions of the Association business, election of the executive committee members, and to propose projects.

Executive Committee

Consisting of five members, including the Chair, this committee is the regular administrative organization, conducting business on behalf of the Association for its promotion, development, and professional activities, and also overseeing financial process.

  • Zhiyuan Cong, ChairExecutive Committee Member
  • Chung-Fan Chang, Treasurer/Administration Affairs
  • Lian Duan, Public Relations Affairs/Newsletter Executive Editor
  • Jiawei Gong, Secretary General/Network Executive Editor 
  • Zhimin Guan, Academic Affairs

Advisory Board

The Association will normally establish an advisory board to provide strategic oversight and direction.

  • Chen Lusheng, Vice Director of the National Museum of China.
  • Feng Jianqin, Chairman of China Artists Association Lacquer Painting Art Council, former President of Nanjing Arts Institute. 
  • Gongkai Pan, the President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China.
  • Laurel Reuter, the founding director and chief curator of the North Dakota Museum of Art.
  • Margaret Lam and David Yen, honorary directors.
  • Xiaoying Wu, President, Chinese Culture Foundation, USA
  • Sam R.K. Zhu, Chairman, Chinese Contemporary Culture and Arts Foundation, USA
  • Ying Tan, Professor of art at the University of Oregon.
  • Howard Tran, Professor of Art at Lycoming College
  • Lawrence Tzuchi Yun, Professor of Art at California State University, Fullerton
  • Yida Wang, Professor of Art at the University of Hawaii

Legal Counsel

  • Sig Silber


  • Lin Xiao