Chinese-American Art Faculty Association is to encourage and promote exchange opportunities related to visual arts higher education in both China and the United States. It provides a platform for this community to engage cultural dialogs, exchange creative ideas, and share teaching experiences, through exhibitions, conferences and symposiums.


Initiated and guided by Professor Yu Ji in October 2003, the “Cross-Divided” was successfully held in its first exhibition at California State University, Long Beach, named The First Exhibition and Symposium of the Chinese Art Faculty in American University. Then, the continuing exhibitions were organized respectively by Professor Lampo Leong at The Columbia Art League of Missouri, by Professor Howard Tran at Lycoming College, PA, by Professor Josh Yu at Savannah College of Art and Design, by Professor Libei Liu at University of Texas, Austin, and by Professor Xiaohong Zhang at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Most recently, Professor Rebecca Ruige Xu has organized an exhibition at State University of Missouri, and Professor Xiaomiao Wang and Professor Shaoqian Zhang are currently organizing two new exhibition at Oklahoma State University and in Southwestern Oklahoma State University. In November 2013, Professor Zhiyuan Cong successfully organizing the pilot symposium “American and Chinese Visual Arts Higher Education: A Comparative Dialogue” at William Patterson University.

On October 21, 2013 the first project committee was elected at University of Wisconsin, Whitewater. Professor Ying Tan and Professor Yida Wang were elected to sever as Chair. Professor Lawrence Yun, Zhimin Guan and Howard Tran sever as the committee member.

On November 8, 2013, the new committee was elected at William Paterson University. Professor Zhiyuan Cong severs as Chair and Professor Chung-Fan Chang, Lian Duan, Jiawei Gong, Shiaoping Wang sever as member. On November 8, 2013, with several discussions among the committee members of two terms, the new committee has reached a consensus that the suitable name for this association would be “Chinese-American Art Faculty Association”, which is proper for starting any substantial work at the earliest.

On November 28, 2013, Professor Zhiyuan Cong representing the committee of the association, and announce the new name of the association, “Chinese-American Art Faculty Association 全美华人美术教授协会” (CAAFA).

Organizational Structure

The members are primarily US-based visual art professors of Chinese origin, who have considerable teaching experiences in both China and the United States.

Last committee calls for a members’ group meeting to elect new committee members every two years, and nominates a new committee. The committee shall consist of five members. Each Committee member serves for two years, and will never be reelected over four years. All committee members are equal with one vote in the process of decision-making. The majority vote shall decide to adopt upcoming projects and policy for the association.

The chair of the committee will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Association and promulgate activities that meet the strategic goals and fiscal well being of the unit. The chair is responsible for addressing the purpose, goals, reputation, and visibility of the association; seeking and attaining external funding; developing appropriate collaborations with external constituencies; managing budgets and personnel; managing projects and overseeing programming; adhering to association policies and procedure; and working cooperatively with other members. A chair will be elected by members’ group meeting and appointed by the committee.

The association will normally establish an advisory board to provide strategic oversight and direction. Board membership should include internal and external individuals to provide networking contacts for outreach and funding opportunities.

The committee will be responsible for submitting an annual report and a periodic program review to the advisory board and members’ group meeting.

Proposed Initiatives & Activities

  • Develop Advisory Committee
  • The association will cultivate an active Advisory Committee and administration system. The advisory committee will be comprised of three groups of working professionals, which will contribute to the cultural, artistic, educational, and economic operations of the organization. 
  • Develop an Infrastructure for the Association
  • The administration system will ideally be composed of three positions: the committee Chair, four committee members and an Administrative Assistant.
  • Develop Web and Other Materials for Promotional and Fundraising Activities It is planned to establish a strong web presence as a cost-effective method of sharing the activities of Chinese-American Art Faculty Association to national and international audience. Images and recordings can be displayed and events can be advertised and reviewed. Additionally, a Web presence will help establish credibility and attract interest and participation from new audiences who seek an appreciation of the both art of Chinese and American. The association will maintain and update the CAAFA web site and create attractive and informational publicity and promotional materials. It will work with Institutional Advancement to develop proposals for funding to support the longevity of the organization and to recruit new members for future fundraisers and programs. 
  • Develop International Education Exchange Programs
  • These programs will include the visiting professor program and the International Graduate Study Program. Visiting artists will be invited to participate in exhibitions, lectures and demonstrations. Such an exchange will establish reciprocity with artists and other universities to promote future intellectual and artistic exchange between Chinese and American art and culture.
  • Develop International Art Exhibitions and Create Exhibition Space for membership Artists
  • Exhibition will be one of the important activities in the Association. The association will continue to organize international art exhibitions to promote the association artists, utilize local talent, and promote the association’s role as part of the community. The association will curate art exhibitions from various artists and display them in different Universities in America. Subsequently, an exhibition catalogue with an introduction to the exhibition themes and interpretive essays on the history, culture, and arts of the period or region. Conferences or lectures will be presented and receptions will be hosted during these exhibitions. 

Activities and Budget – 2014

Exhibition and Symposium at New York City in November 2014

  • This exhibition and symposium will be co-sponsored by the Center for Chinese Art at William Paterson University of New Jersey, Asian Cultural Center, and with Chinese-American Art Faculty Association. This is a four-day event that will include exhibition, demonstrations, panel discussions, lectures and presentations.

  • We are looking to have a grant of $8,000 to initiate the program, and will continue to work on fundraising.
  • We will ask for contributions and cooperation from co-sponsors to support the budget. 
  • All members will write proposals for their university’s research grant for the activities.